Mindi Levins Pfiefer


Mindi Levins Pfeifer, LCSW, has been working with teens, young adults and families for over 30 years.  She began her professional career at Travelers Aid Teen Canteen in Hollywood, a drop-in center in for homeless and high-risk youth. Her natural ability to build relationships and be comfortable in any surrounding quickly made her a valuable team player at other Travelers Aid locations including the LAX airport. 

Over 14 years from Teen Canteen to the LA Youth Network, she rose from a Case Manager and Outreach Worker to a Program Director and Public Relations Liaison. In that position, she worked directly with clients and developed programs and strategies to help High Risk Youth. Mindi was a frequent speaker on television, at community gatherings, and at the World Health Organization as an expert on high risk youth and the importance of peer education.

After a successful early career at Travelers Aide, Mindi completed her clinical training hours for her LCSW at Vista Del Mar Residential Facility. Vista Del Mar is a residential facility for adolescent and teens specializing in behavioral, clinical and other related disorders. She worked directly with adolescent boys working to reunify them or find appropriate placement. In 2005, Mindi and her husband, who she had been married to for 8 years at that point, became the owner and founding team members for Sober College, an innovative treatment center for young adults.  Sober College was a unique program designed to assist these young adults with transitioning back to a productive life, once sober and with a plan. Sober College was recognized for its signature offering- a rare treatment and education partnership that allowed residents to obtain college credits while attending treatment. The program also provided clinical and substance abuse services, life skills and passion development, and education and fitness. Sober College has become a Premier destination for young adults needing treatment. Over 12 ½ years, Sober College evolved from one house to 4 houses, 12 apartments, and a 30,000 square foot state of the art Learning Center. In July 2016  her husband passed suddenly of a heart attack; at that point  Mindi took over management of Sober College and The School of Addiction Studies, which certifies drug and alcohol counselors.

Mindi's goal is to return to her passion of working directly with clients and families. Mindi knows that her unique ability to connect and relate to teenagers and young adults, while understanding and respecting parents’ point of view, is the niche she is building now.

Natasha Prime

Natasha Prime has worked with youth in the Southern California region for over 25 years. She began her career with the Los Angeles Youth Network, in Hollywood, specializing in chronic runaway and homeless youth ages 12 to 23. She managed casework teams and conducted individual, family and group counseling. 

Upon receiving her Master's Degree in Social Work, Prime began a position with the Department of Children's Services and was responsible for conducting adoptive home studies and monitoring pre-adoptive placements. 

In 2007, Natasha began working for the South Pasadena Unified School District. During her tenure there, she has held multiple positions, from Intervention Counselor for Elementary school children and their families, to Social Emotional Counselor for Special Education Students K-12, and as the Train Your Brain Specialist. Train Your Brain is a program comprised of Positive Behavioral Intervention skills, mindfulness techniques, and provides individual and group counseling. Currently, she is the School Social Worker and Child Welfare Counselor 

While working for the school district, Prime also was the Founder and Director of The Place of South Pasadena, a free drop-in center that provided a safe space for teenagers ages 13 to 19 to go after school. It was founded on the belief that every young person is worthy of Unconditional Positive Regard and that every individual deserves to have their particular strengths discovered and nurtured. The Place was a non-profit organization, funded by donations, fundraising, and grants, and run by volunteers, including Prime herself. She considers the creation of this program one of her greatest achievements. The program was run by Prime from 2010-2017, and upon her request, was taken over by the City of South Pasadena and continues to be open today.